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Come and enjoy good food and company at our selection of five up market restaurants and three delectable cafes or just enjoy a night out at an after hour lounge or at one of Sandton’s most loved nightclubs.

You can experience the best of a number of cultures right in the heart of the Sandton CBD! At 24 Central, you can enjoy tastes of Italy at Allora, the freshest seafood offerings at KOI. If it’s the more laid-back lifestyle you’re after, then enjoy a coffee at Vida e Caffe followed by sundowners at News Café. For a lighter meal move on to Be Leaf and for drinks and even more delectable eats you can head to the Baron.

The Baron - The Baron Group is a professional entertainment group that is managed and operated by a team of dynamic professionals. We ensure that quality and service to our clientele is fast and efficient, and of the highest standard. The Baron & Quail restaurant first opened for business in 1993. The driving force behind its success has been Barry Twiss. The proprietors have their roots based in a strong family environment. The firm foundation of strong family values has transformed the group into the formidable market leader it is today. "from family comes pride and from pride comes excellence" From invaluable experience gained in the Baron & Quail, and as a result of a burgeoning reputation for quality and value, Barry mooted the idea of franchising. Since the opening of the first franchise in 1994, the Baron reputation and ethic has spread far and wide. Together with the firm support of family, friends, loyal staff and, of course, our valued patrons, Barry has led by example. They are personally involved on a daily basis with each franchisee, guiding, training and maintaining standards of operation. The ethic of the entire head office staff is one of "getting their hands dirty", assistance in problem solving, guidance and training is hands-on, with constructive involvement at store level, and personal attention to any issue at hand. Whether it is a draught beer or a succulent steak, the Baron Group will offer you value for money, and service renowned for its competence and friendliness. The staff are driven by their motto : "nothing is too much trouble" An entrenched ethic that staff members will go to any lengths to satisfy their customers.


Allora Ristorante - Allora Ristorante Classico is designed around the concept of a traditional Italian village. The focal points of the restaurant are the central fountain and the very distinctive wood burning ovens, enchantingly decorated using warm mosaic brickwork that gives a sun- drenched effect. The style of this casual yet sophisticated restaurant is closer to fine dining than most contemporary Italian. The vibrant colours and the warm menu are truly in sync. Allora is distinctly up-market with a refined atmosphere. It is sophisticated, yet its village feel makes it lean away from being pretentious. White linen tablecloths confirm the restaurants elegance. Its décor is eye-catching but not overbearing. The mix of simplicity and the ability to wed rustic flavours with modern culinary innovations will dazzle even the most refined palates. Each dish is artistically arranged and vibrantly colored. The menu caters for the majority of clients needs including meat, seafood, poultry, home-made pasta, and thin Neapolitan style pizza. Vegetarians will be delighted with the number of delicious and creative choices. Patrons looking for a quick, light meal have a number of options and the diner looking to impress a guest with a more serious experience find Allora the perfect venue.


KOI - Simplistic yet comfortable, Koi promises a unique dining experience with Asian expertise combined with contemporary style. Cuisine that is uncompromised, service that is impeccable and a complete experience that leaves nothing to be deisred, Koi is the definitive origin of perfection.


Vida e Caffe - The vida e caffè espresso bars aim to deliver the highest quality coffee and pastries, prepared to European standards. Our menu is based on the fare typical of a street café in Lisboa, a slice of Europe on African streets.


News Cafe - News Cafe offers and facilitates a premium entertainment experience for its aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premier beverage choices in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant. By combining the service and product attributes of a coffee bar, cocktail bar, restaurant and entertainment venue in one, News Cafe is a trendsetting and benchmarking brand within the industry. The brand has become synonymous with inventive and innovative thinking and application within the food, beverage and social venue market place. 



Rockets Express - "The Express concept is simple: offering a healthy, convenient, create-your-own salad that is unrivalled in freshness and of course, uniqueness, because it is created on-the-go by you! We offer only the finest and freshest locally-sourced ingredients delivered fresh, daily, which are completely natural, unprocessed and purchased with quality at the forefront of our mind. Our concept of healthy, do-it-yourself salads is perfectly positioned for the fast paced health conscious executive. Rockets Express has become the cornerstone of healthy eating, offering a variety of salads, smoothies, Italian coffees, soups, sandwiches, wraps and breakfast items."

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